Dream Board

My Dream for the future is…

Art Hall, CD 2

That our youth will always remember that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, rather we borrow it from our children.

Manny Peláez, CD 8

A dream in three parts: 1. World peace. 2. No more mass produced flour tortillas—only handmade. 3. A smart city for smart residents.

Wait….another one. 4. That people begin to care about addressing domestic violence and child abuse with the same zeal as they care about confederate statues.

Roberto Treviño, CD 1

My dream for the youth of San Antonio is to have the highest quality of life no matter where they live and opportunities to live the life they choose for themselves without any external limitations.

Shirley Gonzales, CD 5

To live in a city where everyone can safely use our streets by any mode.

Clayton Perry, CD 10

Is for a bright and great future for San Antonio and all citizens.

Rebecca Viagran, CD 3

My dream is that every youth of San Antonio would know they are loved, important, that they matter and are value citizens to our City. That they grow up with access and opportunities to live out their best potential.

Rey Saldaña, CD 4

My dream is that every young person is within reach of their every opportunity regardless of their zip code, starting point, background. I also hope they explore the world and circle back home to make San Antonio awesome.

Erik Walsh, City Manager

San Antonio remains an interesting, fun, safe, opportunity-rich city for children to learn, work and live.

John Courage, CD 9

The dream of safety and prosperity for the citizens of San Antonio.

Ana Sandoval, CD 7

A San Antonio where all of our youth have the promise and opportunity for a prosperous future.

Leticia Vacek, City Clerk

Peace for our Nation and World

Ron Nirenberg, Mayor

My dream is that every child in San Antonio grows up believing that she is loved, that her voice matters, and that she can make her dreams in life come true in our city.

Kristine - 8

To be a professional Chef and make delicious food.

Ana H. - 10

To be an Artist.

Annabella - 10

To be a Veterinarian.

Glorianna - 10

To be a Doctor.

Izabella - 8

To save the ocean.

Daisy A. - 13

To be a Chef.

Damien - 12

To be a Cop.

Vincent - 5

To go to Colorado.

Mia H. - 13

To be a Zoologist.

Arturo - 10

To learn how to program/build robots.

Lou Lou - 9

To be a Teacher.

Ally - 10


Nia - 11


Eboni D. - 10

To be President.

Bug - 9

To be in the Army or Navy

Vic - 15

To be a teacher and help others.

Patrick - 13

To be a electrical and mechanical engineer.

Katilynn - 12

Electronics engineering.

Juan - 14

To be a Monster Jam driver.

Nevaeha - 12

To go to Harvard.

David - 9

To get married and be an NBA star.

Angel R.

To be a YouTuber.

JoeJoe - 12

To be a vet.

Natalie - 11

To go to YALE in the future!

Hazel - 11

To help the less fortunate.

Abcde - 12

To be better than my parents and be a singer.

Israel - 12

To get a car.

Jake the dog - 14

To be a cop.

Noe Madyboy - 12

To make more robot’s and drawing’s.

Rachel L. - 11

To be in the military.

Batista - 11

Make it to the NBA.

Rafael - 10

To be a basketball player then maybe a doctor.

Cade - 11

To be a teacher, hair stylist, and daycare teacher.

Julian R. - 13

To be a business man.

Brian - 15

Be the best jazzer.

Marty - 14

Becoming an engineer.

Sky - 15

To go to college and become something so that I can make my family happy that one of us can be something. I also want to be a good role model for my nephews and niece.

Jaedyn - 10

To be a teacher and a great makeup artist.

Summer - 11

To be a famous photographer and artist.

Noah - 10

Police officer.

Luis - 10


Uziel C. - 11

To be a professional scientist and to find a cure for all diseases.

Ganard - 10

To become a baseball player.

Payton - 10

Cure cancer.

Selena - 11

To make videos on Fortnite.

Zanyboi56 - 10

MLB Player.

Janice H. - 10

To be a veterinarian to help animals.


To become a professional cheerleader.

Luckey Boy - 10

Video Game designer.

Dashae - 10

To be a police officer.

Eliamna - 11

To become a anesthesiologist.

Jocelyn - 10

To be a doctor.

Autumn - 10

To be a person who helps the community by not letting people get hurt and sick.

Crazy Micah - 11

To be a successful YouTuber.

Jade - 11

To become a professional ballet dancer or be in the army.

Hope - 10

Study on different animals of course.

Nikkie - 10

To get my grades up and go to college.

Danika - 10

To be a vet and to play volleyball!!

Kalub - 12

To be more than meets the eye, to be a cop and nice.

Ace - 10

Army, football, basketball.

Ashley - 11

Being a scientist.

Gig - 10

To play piano or join the air force.

Malorie - 10

To be smart then go to a good college in the future.

Paris - 10

To be a doctor so I can help more people.

Marley - 10

To be a doctor because I love helping kids.

Aiden - 10

Sports and glass blower.

Isaia - 11

Be in the army.

James - 10

Being a welder.

Catori - 10

To be an interior designer.

Andres - 10

To become a marine and fight for my country.

Kiki - 10

To become a famous artist.

Aliya - 10

To go to college and be a marine nurse.

Xachary - 10

To be a dispatcher.

Damaris - 11

To be a famous actor.

Victoria - 9

To be an actor or a doctor.

Manuel J. - 12

Playing games pro.

Luna - 11

To become a famous musician in a band.

Arianna - 11

To become a vet and help animals.

Kayden F. - 11

To be a lawyer.

Elias - 9

To get a PS4.

Elizabeth - 9

To be a singer.

Maddison -12

To go to college (M.I.T).

Liliance - 7

Animals are safe.

Nemesis - 10

To be a doctor.

Hailey - 10

To be a veterinarian.

Jake - 14

To be a cardiac surgeon by day, and a superhero by night.

Vanessa - 12

To be able to help people.

Charlie - 11

To get to world in robotics.

Cricket - 13

To be a graphic designer.

Tai - 12

To develop the worlds medicine and spread it to areas that don’t have much.

Josh - 13

To one day be a pilot for a commercial airline.

Posh - 13

To have an amazingly successful architecture and fashion company.

Crystal - 16

To make the world a better place.

Anaceli - 9

To be a scientist and make coding games.

Amores - 11

To be a teacher.

Sydney - 14

To have a job I love.

TJ - 7

To be a scientist.

FioVella - 6

Yo quiero ser maestra

Liana - 12

To be kinder and more helpful than in the past!

Luis - 11

To work at NASA.

Bethany - 8

To be a teacher.

Faye - 13

To be a better artist and YouTuber.

Shawn - 15

Is to be a Video Game Designer.

Jonah - 14

Whatever I can do to help.

Theo - 10


Mia - 8

To be a doctor to save lives.

Justice - 9

To fight for justice.

David - 14

A greater S.A. where equality stands – race & religion.

Karina - 14

To be a part of Doctors Without Borders.

Marquis - 15

To work on cars.

Dylan - 13

That we will go to Mars.

Dan - 11

To be an animator.

Shantae - 13

To be an oncologist.

Thalia - 8


Josh - 6

To be a doctor.

Mase - 5

To fly a plane.

Antonio - 6

To discover T-Rex.

Israel V. - 15

To become a vet.

Angel - 9

To be a gamer.

Rosa Lynn L. - 11

To become a successful scientist.

Lindsay - 11

To be a WWE wrestler.

Marcus - 11

To be an NBA player.

Lacole A. - 8

To be a doctor.

Lukanna - 9

To be an animal doctor.


To go to wrestle mania.

Dayana - 10

To become a doctor.

Felicity - 10

To become an artist.

Carla R.-12

To become an engineer.


To be an actor.


To open my own animal sanctuary.


To save the world.


To be a lawyer.

Camila B.-12

To be successful in a STEAM career.


To take care of my mom and travel.


To become a biomedical engineer and change lives.


To become a nurse.


To be a defense attorney.


To be a Pediatric surgeon.


To become a doctor.


To go to MIT for college.


To help others and animals in need.


To be a teacher.


To go to a college and become a great Veterinarian.


To go to a great college and to find a good career.

Estrella V.-16

To be able to get my degree in athletic training.


To be a model.


To be a bio medical engineer.


To do zip lining.


To be successful in life.


To swim with sharks.


To be the best cake baker ever!


To be a doctor.


To become a judge for family law.


To stop people from making paper out of trees.


To be a marine engineer.

Madison M.-13

To become a doctor.


To go to Paris.


To be a Veterinarian.

Brianna- 11

To be a doctor.

Katelyn G. - 11

To go to high school and graduate college and do art.

Ariana O.- 11

To be a Dentist or a Veterinarian.

Elizadeth M.-8

To be a better person for the world.


To be a pro chef and baker.


To be a singer.

Amber - 13

To be a WNBA player.

Ethan E. - 11

To become an architect.

Rosario S. - 7

To be a lawyer.

Deja - 15

To cook.

Oziel D. - 7

Estudiar quimica.

Shavonne - 14

To be a vet, graduate from Texas A&M, and be a karate instructor.

Michelle - 13

To be a singer.

Jayla - 12

To go to higher education.

Alexis S. - 9

To be a doctor.

Justin - 8

To make the world a better place.

Maria - 11

To be a doctor.

Samuel - 13

To be a great computer designer.

Damian - 12

To be an architect.

Michelle - 16

To get my degree in art.

Jose P. - 13

Estudiar mucho.

Julio - 10

To be a robotics engineer.

Leah - 14

To be in the military.

Anthony - 11

To be famous.

Martin T. - 8

To get a good job.

Alexander S. - 8

To be a police officer.

Mel - 8

To make slime.

Leilani - 8

To be a police officer.

Mariah - 6

To be President.

Amada - 19

To study criminal justice.

Amaris - 11

To be a scientist.

Andrew - 10

To be an NFL player.

Jeffrey - 10

To have floating cars and be a youtuber.

Yasmine - 9

To be a doctor.

Abcde - 18

To become a successful doctor.

Leonardo - 10

To be a car salesman.

Michael - 7

To drive race cars.

Jose G. - 10

Ir a la Universidad.

Aaliyah - 5

To be a doctor.

Monet - 12

To open a beauty shop.

Cristiana - 16

To be a policy officer/detective, and also to be a strong woman of God.

Trisha - 12

To be a vet.

Jelly - 13

To go to A&M and learn to be a vet.

Morgan - 12

To be an Allstar football player.

Isaiah - 13

To be a fireman.

Alyssa - 13

To be a police officer.

Peria - 14

To be a lawyer or forensic scientist.

Hailey - 12

To be a veterinarian.

Ethan - 13

To become a veterinarian.

Halfcourtking - 12

To play basketball.

Halfcourtking - 12

To play football for the NFL.

Jovee - 12

To play college softball or aim higher.

Joseph - 12

To be in the NFL.

Ashley C. - 13

To be a teacher.

Anna - 12

To be a Veterinarian.

Optimusprime - 13

To fly cars.

Damian - 15

To become an engineer in computer science and mechanics.

Savian - 17

To find something to be great at.

Miguel - 17

To be a car mechanic.

IBezaza - 15

To be a rapper.

Malik - 15

To be an NBA player with a $75 million net worth.

3XYoungmalcolm - 14

To be a rapper.

Joshua - 17

To be an NBA player.

Makayla - 13

To be a veterinarian.

Keith - 15

To become a soldier.

JJKing - 17

To be an inspirational rapper for today’s youth.

Kevin - 14

To build a powerful, strong structure for myself and others.

Matt - 20

A revitalized and healthy Olmos Creek.

Marissa - 15

To become a Vet tech.

Ismael - 15

To join the Military.

Liz - 15

To become a Kpop Idol.

Jolesa - 14

To be in the WNBA.

Raishawn S. - 15

Graduate from Baylor University & become a OBGYN.

D'yani T. - 15

Go to college & become a nurse or coach.

Hector G. Jr - 14

To play in the NFL.

Destiny - 16

To become a Lawyer.

JeVaughn - 14

To become an actor.

Paradise - 14

To go to the WNBA.

Ari - 14

To become a forensic pathologist.

Kalea - 14

To become a doctor.

Denise - 15

Going to college to be a doctor.

Niceyy - 14

To go to UT for track.

Christion - 17

To work in computer science.

Leelee - 14

To become a professional volleyball player/Veterinarian.

Savanna - 16

To be a doctor.

Rudy - 14

To be in the Air Force.

Develene - 15

To become a Folkdance dancer.

Jonese - 14

To go to college and become a music producer or Veterinarian.

Roman - 15

To be a zoologist or FBI.

Jonathan - 14

To become a bio-medical engineer.

Jazz - 14

To be in fashion designing/cosmetology.

Angelic H. - 14

To be an actor/Veterinarian.

Marissa - 17

To be a lawyer or to learn more about cooking & baking.

Ky - 15

To have my own shop working with my mom designing things for parties etc.

Priscilla - 17

To become a Psychologist.

Da'Dria - 15

To attend medical school and be an Anesthesiologist.

Alaryk - 15

To work with computer science.

Aubrey - 14

To be a nurse or tattoo artist.

Marie - 14

To be a forensic scientist.

Skylar A. - 16

To be a special needs teacher.

Stephen - 15

To play football at a division I college.

Jay - 15

To play in the NBA and go to college.

DeAndra - 16

To go to college and enlist.

Quincy - 14

To play basketball.

Jonathon M. - 14

To be a fashion designer.

Siul R. -15

To develop games for ubiosoft games.

Chloe - 15

To be a doctor or coach.

Dominique R. - 14

To become an engineer or aerospace engineer.

Andrea - 15

To become an illustrator.

Diego - 17

For the education system to improve.

Azeneth - 15

To become a doctor or any medical field.

Marcelo F. - 15

To work at the zoo.

Aaliyah V. - 16

To be a photographer & play college basketball.

Brandi - 15

To do a business clothing line or fashion line that will become famous globally.

Elijah - 16

To start a business.

Israel - 14

To be a billionaire and a good father.

David - 14

To be a football player and play basketball.

Joey - 15

To go to Oregon University and play football.

Devin T.- 14

To play in the NFL.

Brianna - 15

To be a lawyer.

Jai W. - 12

To be an Anesthesiologist.

Isabel M. - 12

To help animals.

Maurice R. - 12

To be a technical engineer.

Johnnie M. - 12

To work with cats and dogs. Like a vet.

Happy Chicken - 12

To be a gamer.

Ruben P. - 12

To be in the NBA.

Jade W. - 12

To be a professional volleyball player.

Jada W. - 12

To go to college.

Nevaeh S. - 12

To be an actor/lawyer.

Armando - 15

To help Alex.

AJ - 15

To help Alex.

Rachel - 15

To work with children and become a Pediatrician Nurse.

Mariyah - 15

To be a music producer.

AlaJia - 15

To do cosmetology.

Jose - 17

Being an owner of my own shop.

Maddy - 16

To go to college.

Jaelene H. - 16

To be successful.

Joann G. - 15

To become a professional technologist/dancer.

Edmund - 15

To be a Anesthesiologist.

Nathan - 16

To become an artist in music.

Julie - 15

To be an athletic trainer.

Rosalinda - 17

To be a Neonatologist.

Julian - 16

To be a music producer.

Raymond D. - 15

To be an artist and to show people how to draw.

Lex - 16

To be financially stable and gracefully happy.

Richy - 15

To play MLB baseball.

Nessa - 14

To become a doctor.

Jesus- 14

To play basketball.

Penny - 15

To become a successful dentist and have a doctrine degree.

Cyarah - 14

To become a police officer for LA or NY.

Cristian - 14

To become a Veterinarian and help animals and people.

Briana P.- 14

Quiero hacer coreografia y tener mi propio salon para bailar.

Naitely - 15

To become a pediatrician nurse.

Maddie - 16

To be someone that can help and be there for other people.

Robert I. - 15

To play professional basketball.

Julie - 17

To become a doctor.

Alexis - 15

To be a doctor.

Victoria - 16

To travel.

Brianna - 14

To be a dancer!

Genesis - 14

To become a pharmacist.

Alyssia - 17

To be an Orthopedic surgeon.

Devan G. - 17

To be in the medical field & be well off.

Genevieve - 15

To become a Pediatrician.

Janie - 14

To join the Air Force and go to college.

Briana G.- 14

To become as successful as I can be.

Jose - 15

To become an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Elijah - 14

To be in the NBA.

Isaac S. - 15

To be a professional baseball player and a really good skater.

Jairouin - 14

To become a Navy S.E.A.L

Carlos G. - 17

To work for ESPN.

Werita - 14

To become an RN.

Carla G.- 15

To be a nurse.

Emerald - 15

To become a doctor.

Carissa - 15

To be involved in culinary arts.

Marissa - 14

To become a chef.

Rachel - 16

To help others by serving justice to my community.

Jacelle A.- 15

To become a doctor.

Dvddy_James - 15

To be with Cardi B.

Diamond - 16

To be a cop.

Anna - 15

To travel the world and animate it.

Dewan - 17

To become a professor in pharmaceutical sciences and toxicology, since I really believe in the importance of learning about the harmful effects of drugs and how it affects lower classes around the world. In addition, I hope to start my own non-profit organization that empowers young women to do great things in their lives!

Alex - 10

To play basketball for the Cavs.

Dyah G. - 16


Nicholas - 18

To go to school for dancing.

Allan - 18

To play professional basketball or overseas.

Martin P. - 15

To dance for God, to influence others through what God gave me.

Mathew - 16

To become a famous dancer.

Adam - 11

To be in the NBA.

Chelsea - 17

To be in the WNBA.

Giovanni "Gio" - 14

I’m still deciding but for right now, I wanna play for the NBA.

Krystle - 16

To help people and see them healed.

Trinity - 15

To play UT college volleyball.

Elena - 20

To be a baker.

Aayna - 13

To preach to youth and adults. I want to also teach to help others achieve their dream.

Vicky - 16

To be a pediatrician.

Hulk - 15


Jesse V. - 14

To be a famous rapper.

Carlos G. - 17

To be in the Navy or an actor.

Jazmine P. - 16

To be a Dancer and a Social Worker.

Jesus L.

To play professional BB.

AJ - 14

To join the Navy.

Julianna H. - 15


Rose - 16

To help kids with self-harm or stuff they cant talk to their parents about.

Xavier H. - 13

To play major league baseball.

Jake Ryan - 17

To play in the NFL.

Julian - 14

To be a musician.

Alejandra - 12

For me to become someone.

Serenity A. - 11

To be a doctor.

Tino - 15

To be a Sound Cloud rapper.

Justin C. - 14

To become an astronomer or an orthodontist.

Annie - 16

To help animals and others.

Carlos - 14

To make music or business & law.

Deja - 12

To go to LSU and become a lawyer.

DeShauna - 17

To become a fiction author for romance, fantasy, and drama. And to also become a scriptwriter for TV shows and movies.

Bjay C. - 15

To build drones on the air force.

Gianna - 15

To be a teacher.

Nate - 15

Pro drag racing

James - 15

Getting paid.

Kristyanne - 14

Being in a basketball team.

Joshua - 14

To become a welder or to make my own business.

Azel - 15

To draw manga/anime/comics

Branesha - 14

To become a doctor.

Jenna E. - 14

To become a teacher.

Donta so lit - 14

To be a leader.

Just-bean - 14

To be a tattoo artist 😉

Mario - 14

Talking/Helping kid’s that have been abused and hurt.

Zach - 15

To be an auto-technician.

Cheyanne T. - 15

To be a nurse or make-up artist.

Abraham G. - 14

Going to the NBA!

Yaya - 15

Being a nurse and helping a lot of people.

Maria - 15

Becoming a medical assistant.

Andrew O. - 15

To be a tattoo artist.

David - 14

To sell shoes.

Gali - 15

To be a marine biologist.

Kristin - 15

To be a storyteller. From film making to writing, I have a passion for entertaining people and evoking emotion. I want to get into a good college and hopefully enter the film industry, and hopefully find a well paying job.

Jiselle - 10

To become a counselor for middle school.

Jimena - 16

To become an illustrator.

Jacoby - 14

To make it to the NBA.

Becca - 14

To be a doctor (help others).

Jeferson - 13

Ser mecanico auto motvis.

Alberto - 14

To make it to the NBA and make a difference with my voice.

Erynn - 14

To become a good elementary teacher.

Sara H. - 13

Being a surgeon.

Jennavie - 13

To become an art designer.

Panther Black - 13

Auto paint tech.

Sebastian - 14

A good life and a great athlete.

Daniela S. - 14

Being a doctor or surgeon.

Samantha - 14

To be a college athletic for softball.

Hope/Genevieve - 15

To be a photographer.

Valentina V. - 14

To be a dancer or actress.

Shannia - 14

To be an astronomer or a veterinarian.

Kino - 14

To be an EMT, so that I could help people.

Xavier S. - 14

To make people enjoy video games that I help create.

Ty - 15

To be in engineering robotics that way I get good paying job.

Isaiah - 15

To be a video game designer.

Enrique - 14

To be a computer and tech engineer.

Stacy/Nana - 13

To be a photographer and take pictures for famous people.

Alex - 15

Being a game developer, but I would like to learn more things…I don’t know.

Samaro (Sam) - 14

To be a music producer or film editor.

Frankie - 14

To become a marine.

Blindside - 18

To become a better role model and father than mine.

Joanna - 17

To be an entertainer and international influencer.

Red Streak - 17

To be a better understanding person for my closest peers.

Selena E. - 15

To be a counselor.

Conner - 12

To be a business owner.

Ebby - 13

To be a doctor.

Mariah - 13


Sammy - 17

To be successful and go to college.

Vira - 16

To be a psychologist.

Ronn - 16

To make it to the NBA.

Mando - 15

I honestly don’t have academic plans (except for college) but I want to play basketball.

Dray - 17

Go to the army.

Mya H. - 16

To go to college.

Lindsey - 15

To become a vet.

Bianca - 14

To persue a career as a primary math teacher.

Angelia - 13

To become a marine biologist.

Annemarie - 13

To become an RN.

Baudelio M. - 15

To become an NFL player, to be in the ROTC, or to become a Nascar driver.

Catherine R. - 14

To become a realtor and a fixer-upper.

Julian - 14

To become a nurse.

Aly L. - 14

To become a basketball coach.

Jay H. - 15

To become a WNBA player.

Michael - 13

To become an NBA player or suregon.

Neveah - 13

To have my own hair business.

Dani - 13

To become a basketball player.

Juan R. - 15

To become an NFL player.

Emerald - 13

To help others in the community.

Airam - 14

To become a veterinarian.

Journey - 14

To become a nurse.

Cassandra H. - 14

To become a vet.

Meagan Z. - 16

To make a difference.

Rosie M. - 13

To be a chef and to play football.

Angela C. - 16

To have a accounting job.

Emma - 13

To become a pediatrician.

Ashley E. - 18

To help out people and be a nurse.

Daniela G. - 15

To help the homeless.

Sydney H. - 13

To be a chemical & mechanical engineer.

Pada - 18

To be able to change someones life to better.

Kelsey - 13

Less pollution in the water and earth.

Cass - 18

To be a doctor.

Kayanna - 18

To get through college.

Angela D. - 17

To succeed as a social worker and be a positive example to those around me.

Leena - 16

To become a clinical psychologist.

Bethany - 16

To be an exotic vet because I love animals.

Cellie - 17

To be an architect.

Pamela - 16

To one day be successful and make a change in the world.

Aurora - 17

To become a vet.

Remi - 18

To start a non-profit organization to help people around the world.

Jimena G. - 14

To be a Biomedical Engineer.

Karla - 18

Love and peace.

Ailev R. - 18

To become a nurse.

Kourtney J. - 14

To make it in life.

Bee - 19

To be in the air force.

Angelica - 18

To be a nurse practitioner.

Iris M. - 18

To become a Fine Arts Teacher.

Crystal P. - 14

To be a veterinarian/nurse.

Kiara - 17

To be an MRI Tech.

Christina - 16

To be happy, content, and successful.

Jackie H. - 17

Ser maestra trilingüe para kinder en México.

DD - 15

To be in sports.

Chris G. - 16

To be a musician.

Genna G. - 15

To travel the world!!

Audrey - 14

To be an OBGYN or a doctor.

Anastasia - 15

To become a lawyer.

Daniela - 15

To become a cosmetologist.

Aryana - 14

To travel the world and go to cooking school.

Lalo T. - 15

To get enough money to take my family to vacation.

Wero - 15

To work with cars and open up my own car shop.

Alejandra - 16

To pass all my grades and to follow my dream of becoming a marine biologist.

Joe - 17

To open up a maintenance position at Sea Island.

Paco - 16

To be a soccer player and to become a dad.

Elaine - 17

To become a drug and alcohol counselor.

Kendra - 17

To become a musician and restaurant owner.

Yadira - 16

To become a CBP officer.

Brenda P. - 15

To become a teacher.

Emerald G. - 15

To study to be in law and become a detective.

Samuel - 14.5

To get a well paid job.

JuanCa - 14

Ser futbolista profesional y llegar al FC Barcelona.

Alex - 14

To explore the world.

Dellanira R. - 14

To become a lawyer and travel the world.

Alberto R. - 15

To become the best football player.

Adrian P. - 15

To be successful.

Juffery G. -

Have money and cars.

Amber/Marie - 14

To see the world one day.

Kate - 15

To prove everyone wrong and finish school.

A3beldy A. - 14

To become a nurse and help people in the hospital.

Julie - 14

To be rich.

David M. - 14

To become a video games engineer.

Lisa - 14

To be a chef and an artist, also a police officer.

Yara - 14

To get out the ghetto and have a future.

Brookie - 14

To help all the people in the world.

Ben - 13

To be a police officer.

Nathan - 13

To be a baker.

Billy Bob - 14

To be a comedian.

Jovonna - 14

To join the military.

Marie - 15

To be a cyber security specialist.

Javier F. - 15

To be a man who has money and have a family.

Angelica V. - 15

To become a singer.

Rebecca/Daniela - 15

To become a good volleyball player.

Grabiela/Iris - 14

Finishing school and doing good in life.

CJ - 15

To be one of the best guitar players.

Rene - 14

Getting paid.

Kimberly C. - 14

To be a registered nurse :).

Antonio - 15

To open my own skate shop.

Jenny - 9

To be famous.

Ghaliyah A - 12

To be a lawyer.

Jesse - 11

To be an architect.

Mark V. - 21

To leave something left of me behind!

Carissa - 21

To be something important.

Alexis - 16

To graduate high school and become a teacher.

Emily - 22

To go to college and finish with a degree.

Angel - 19

To be a good YouTuber.

Ruby P. - 19

To own a house.

Sarah - 18

To become an RN or orthodontist.

Hailey - 19

To graduate high school and get my own home!

Tayma - 14

To be successfule in life

Julian - 13

To fly a plane

Jaden - 10

To play football

Alyssa - 13

To become a teacher

Joshua - 17

To become a rapper

Tania - 14

To become an anesthesiologist

Azul - 11

To be an engineer

Meloni - 13

To become a teacher

Charlotte - 11

To become a cartoonist.

Abigail - 13

To become a meteorologist.

Tori - 17

To give underprivileged children a chance to dance.

Sairi - 18

To become a succesful fashion designer.

Joe John - 17

To become an aerospace or mechanical engineer.

Rachelle - 17

To “seize the day”.

Criss - 17

To become an FBI agent.

Ricardo - 18

To be happy with everything and everyone around me.

Estrella - 18

To become a news anchor and news reporter.

Jose - 17

To become a physical therapist.

Anthony - 17

To become a band director.

Fatima - 18

To double major in accounting and Spanish.

Joslyn - 10

To become a musician.

Isabel M. - 8

To become a cook and to help the homeless.

Amy A. - 20

To own my own art studio and to help educate people about the arts.

Arryelle - 10

To become a nurse and to help people.

BearHolt - 8

To become a firefighter.

Priscilla B. - 17

To own my own business.

Joshannt - 10

To be nice.

Lissy - 10

To become rich.

Joshua - 7

To become a monster truck driver.

Jolly - 8

To have 1,000 bows for my hair.

Christopher - 15

To either pass high school or to get out of foster care.

Rubi - 8

To be respectful.

Leo - 10

To go to Disney Land.

Kayleigh - 10

To get a dog.

Eusebio - 11

To become a surgeon.

Emeral - 11

To become a basketball player.

Miria - 9

To be a world champion cheerleader.

Alexis - 16

To become a crimal justice lawyer.

Liyah - 10

To go to college and have my own career.

Angelo - 12

To become an actor.

Mia - 11

To go to Yale.

Allisa - 10

To become a doctor and help people.

Sarah - 15

To become a teacher.

Joelle - 9

To become a doctor.

Loaren - 11

To become a singer.

Ricky - 12

To become a SWAT.

Valdamar - 13

To play in the NFL.

Justine - 9

To become a rockstar.

Jino - 14

To play in the NBA.

Iris - 9

To get a job.

Natalie - 11

To become a police officer.

Chryshelle - 17

To become a social worker with CPS

Jordan - 12

To be an artist

Timmy Jr. - 10

Be an NBA player

April - 15

to become a pro athlete

Dominick - 14

To be a singer

Jhasity - 14

To become a surgeon

Fabian A. - 12

To join the army so I can fight for my country

Leslo - 16

to become a social Worker

Aumarie - 13

To be a veterinarian

Ashley - 16

To become a singer

Chasity - 13

To become a cosmetologist

Jasmine - 8

To be a zookeeper

Jovany - 12

To be a doctor

Marisol - 13

Becoming a lawyer.

Airee - 16

To be happy.

Germie M. - 17

To be a designer, model, singer, and car dealer.

Maurice - 11

To be an engineer.

Isaac - 14

Playing sports.

Jalen - 13

To become an aviation engineer.

Jamahl B. - 12

To work at a chicken factory.

Jojo - 12

To be noticed.

Jeremiah - 12

To get my doctorate.


To play in the NBA but have to go to Duke University.

Sylmia - 11

To be a vet.

Darrious - 11

To go to heaven and have a house.

Christian - 11

To make it to college and get a job.

Jalalia - 16

That I will be educated and ready to live the rest of my life happy and full.

Kari - 11

To be a pop star.

Asia - 14

To be a star & a cosmetologist.

Darneisha - 11

To be an RN.

Anyiah - 10

To be an actress.

Mikayla - 11

To be a singer/songwriter.

Isaiah - 16

To pass school and to have a successful life.

KitKatfish - 13

To join the military.

Alfred - 14

To be a navy seal.

Nicole - 15

To be a pediatrician.

Marcus - 13

To be a truck driver.

Ryan - 16

To be a famous/professional skate boarder or a music artist.

Jessica - 14

To be a New York Times bestselling author.

Allison - 13

To go into movie or theater acting.

Alyse - 15

To work for information technology-cyber security.

Clarice - 15

To be a baker.

Naomi - 14

To be an author.

Chollis - 14

To do something that involves art, engineering, and writing.

Bri - 14

To make music, sing, and draw art.

Zach - 16

To be happy and healthy.

Arkady - 15

To be a Marine

Adriana - 18

To be a lawyer

Tyrese - 18

To be a plastic surgeon

Agnesha - 13

To be a vet

Terrelle - 20

To be a teacher

Ashton - 16

To join the NBA

David - 18

To join the Marines

Enjolie - 15

To be a singer

Jeremiah - 17

To be a tattoo artist

Kyler - 12

To become a Youtuber.

Ernie - 12

To be a famous basketball player.

Roland - 15

To be a famous football player.

1cent claude - 17

To be a Governor.

Lindsay - 15

To save the world.

Lukas - 23

To still be able to dream and the hunger to chase those dreams.

Steven A. - 24

To become an artist or a boxer.

Jeremy - 19

To be a music producer.

Isaiah - 20

To help take care of my little brother and family.

Jimmy - 22

To finish school and have a stable career (engineering).

Shantelle - 26

To become a youth counselor.

Tiara - 21

To finish my Masters Degree by 2019.

Alani - 14

To be a model or at least be a person in the works of make up. I have an eye for beauty and would like to one day be able to be in that line of work.

Damien - 15

To be in the NBA.

Joel E. - 14

To join the military.

Allen - 14

To become a NBA Basketball Player.

Paul - 18

To become a marine.

Tosh - 14

To become a basketball player and attend the North Carolina Pro: Chicago Bull.

Daisy - 16

To join the navy or be a doctor.

Keyla - 16

To become a cosmetologist.

Kay - 15

To become a lawyer.

Chichi - 17

To work for border patrol.

Ko - 17

To double major in political science and journalism at UTSA.

T$ - 15

To stay clean and sober, and to complete probation.

Lexus C. - 17

To become a neurosurgeon.

Cindy O. - 15

To get a diploma so I have a job, and to give my son what he needs.

Darren - 15

To work in cyber security.

Ame - 16

To be an independent woman.

La China

To be successful in life and be a great doctor.

April - 16

To become a nurse.

LeBron James Jr. - 15

To become the greatest NBA player of all time.

Tyrone - 16

To be a successful youtuber like PontaicMadeDDG.

Harnaie - 15

To help people handle their problems.

Nick - 16

To have and sell supreme (clothing).

Zeric - 16

To design video games.

Gio - 14

To be a NBA player.

Osman - 15

To go to culinary school.

Luke - 15

To become an engineer.

Kasla Rose - 15

To become a cosmetologist.

Frito - 14

To become a neurosurgeon.

Vanna - 15

To be a doctor.

G.G. - 14

To go squirrel suit diving through mountains.

Alee - 15

To be the first one in my family to graduate college.

De'Andra - 15

To become a detective and help others.

Destiny - 15

To play college basketball.

Elijah - 15

To run in the Olympics.

Gilbert - 15

To join the police force.

Kayla - 15

To be an actress/director.

Markie Mark - 14

To become an electrical engineer.

Kayla - 14

To be a singer/dancer.

Kristin - 15

To become a pediatrician.

Ilia - 15

To work at NASA as an astrophysicist.

Beyonce - 15

To be a singer, travel, and meet new people.

Alantz - 15

To be a Plastic Surgeon.

Rasulo - 14

To finish college and become a journalist.

Essie - 15

To be successful and help people. I am not sure what career.

Mia - 15

To become an OB/GYN.

Ky - 14

To become one of the biggest hair stylists.

Chris - 15

To get a Dodge Charger on 28s.

Jasmine - 14

To be a Plastic Surgeon.

Blessed.a24 - 16

My dream is to become a Photographer and a Basketball Player.

Jazmine - 16

To be accepted into John Hopkins University to become a cardiovascular surgeon in the Army.

Diamond - 16

To be a teacher

Chloe - 15

To be successful in school

James - 14

To play in the NBA

Lilly - 14

To become a teacher

Angelina- 14

To be the first female president in 2044

Blanca - 14

To be a writer, director, and do filming

XO.Vindiana - 16

To be a future nurse

Vincent - 14

To be richer than Bill Gates and Ellen

Alaryk - 14

To work in cyber security

Ara - 15

To become a lawyer for Special Victims

Og Mudbone - 15

To be a future film director

Jason - 15

To be a NASCAR racer

Maricela - 16

To be a neonatal nurse

Ally - 14

To become a doctor for children

Serena - 15

To teach and give kids a voice

Victor - 15

To be an astronaut

Larissa - 16

To become an art teacher and inspire students

Ruth - 14

To become a pediatric doctor

Razanna -15

To be a goat farmer

Emerald - 15

To have a cosmetic and clothing line

Edgar - 15

To make money

Chris - 16

To be in the NBA

Julian - 15

To be a music producer

Angel - 14

To be a doctor

Jesus -15

To be a firefighter

Christopher - 15

To become a janitor

AJ - 14

To make Yezzeys cheaper

Diego - 16

To make a change in this world

Kike - 16

To be a good chef and make everyone love my food

Jay - 15

To be a video game designer and make my video games come true

Elijah - 15

To become a music producer

Nathan - 14

To be in the NFL

Gabriel - 15

To be a doctor or a basketball player

Sky - 15

To become an artist

Mancelo - 14

To be a zoo keeper

Raymond - 14

To be a Youtuber

Stefani - 10

To become a doctor so I can help people when they’re sick or hurt.

Alex - 18

To build a band and play music and use our platform to support great things such as donating and supporting the LGBTQ community.

Trish - 15

To be in the Army or Marines while in college. I am not sure which branch I should go in or what I should study. Hopefully, I will find something I enjoy learning at college while doing some volunteering.

Jonathan - 18

To be a Navy Seal.

Mayte - 16

To become a producer, director, or at least executive director and also become a genetic engineer and aerospace engineer. Also to win the street workout championship. Although I wish San Antonio, TX had a street workout park. Other stuff too help dogs on death row that’s a huge one and justice.

Sabrina P. - 20

To become a P.T.

Taylor - 16

To become one of the best RNs.

Deloris - 16

To be in the Military Marine Corps.

Damion S. - 14

To be an Electrical Engineer.

Rose - 15

To become the best FBI agent or crime scene investigator or a lawyer.

Juli C. - 17

To move to California and work in the medical field. I want to help disadvantaged people that cannot afford proper healthcare.

Chachi - 16

To become a successful politician and live/work in New York because I love debate class and it is one of my greatest strengths.


Jackie - 19

To finish college with honors and become an RN. I want to use my skills and education to help and heal others.

Ash - 19

To be fulfilled with my career and to make others happy. My dream job would be to run/expand my clothing line “bloüsa” from home. Someday I also want to open a healthy cupcake shop.


Super Star Sam - 17

To inspire millions of people and have a TV show that surpasses “Ellen”. One big goal I have is to be a billonaire by age 30 and swim in the Olympics.

Tony - 16

To play professional baseball for the Texas Rangers.

Aidah - 13

To be an artist.

John - 13

To become a police officer.

Jesus R. - 15

To be a nurse, plastic surgeon, or a model.

Jose - 15

To become a NFL player.

Andres - 13

To be an artist.

Gwen - 17

To be a great investigator or a prosecutor to support immigrants.

JoJo - 13

To travel to Bora Bora.

Angel Melody Ember Rose - 15

To become a singer/songwriter/rapper/artist/actor.

K_slyd_a - 20

To become a San Antonio police officer.

Reyna - 16

To become the best FBI agent.

Ryan B. - 20

To become a police officer.

Jessie - 17

To be a SAPD officer.

Roxy - 19

To help others and make a change in someone’s life.

Blanca - 20

To become the best police officer I can be.

Luis - 16

To be a race car driver and become a champion.

Miguel - 15

To become a police officer.

Gabby - 18

To become a K-9 officer.

Jacob - 20

To become a police officer.

Leanne - 17

To work with the San Antonio police department and protect my community.

Sierra - 19

To become a police officer for SAPD.

Christopher - 16

To be a civil engineer.

Eric M. - 17

To become a San Antonio police officer.

Darius - 14

To be a DPS Texas Ranger

Laura - 18

To be a police officer.

Angela - 17

To become an U.S. Marshal.

Kevin M. - 19

To join the SAPD and have my own company.

Destiny - 17

To be a San Antonio police officer.

Aiden - 13

To become a professional basketball player or join the army.

Jay - 20

To join SAPD, then pursue a job in federal CEO.

Sophia - 16

To become a police officer.

Andre C. - 18

To become law enforcement or an actor.

Reiko - 17

To be in SAPD.

Nan - 14

To become a songwriter or a singer, in South Korea, Seoul.

Cinthia - 18

Finishing college and becoming a nurse.

Joshua - 11

To keep my country safe by being a police officer.

Marc - 16

To make or produce music/rap.

Lion_queen - 12

To become famous by playing soccer.

Julianna - 10

To be an artist.

Eve - 12

To be a great cop.

Natalie - 17

To be a nurse practitioner.

Nicole - 13

To help my mom when I get older.

Christre - 14

To become an ornithologist or something that involves caring for birds.

R.J. - 13

To be a pro athlete.

Stephanie - 18

To create and sing songs that help and inspire people.

Xavier - 8


Jenna - 6

To be a nurse.

Leeann - 15

To visit the moon.

Jocelyn V. - 9

To be a teacher.

Luna M. - 9

To become a vet.

Joseph - 13

To have world peace, no more wars, and a world where there is no sickness. For example, cancer, diabetes, zika, etc.

@s_abryna_ - 12

To help others.

Tenesa - 11

To be a veterinarian/traveler to take care of animals and teach them and travel.

Sienna - 11

To be an artist.

Melanie - 10

To be an artist to explain emotions through paintings

Dakari - 11

To become an entrepreneur.

Noah - 11

To be an entrepreneur.

Adrien - 11

To be a pilot or NFL player.

Eman - 12

An NBA player or computer science.

Braylen - 11

Being a fighter pilot.

John - 12

To be a nanoscientist.

Phinn - 11

To be a marine biologist who studies sea mollusks.

Collin - 11

To be a programmer.

Ritchie - 11

To be an NBA player and rich.

Khalil - 12

Commentating for the world cup.

Tori - 12

To go to college.

Venessa L. - 12

To help others in need.

Kandra - 12

I would love to be a singer and actress.

Gianna - 12

To help others in the medical field or law enforcement field.

Kashewwww4 - 12

To travel the world and try the food.

25 Savage - 12

To be an NBA player.

Marissa - 10

To be a doctor.

Arleth - 11

To become a pro soccer player.

Rae - 11

To become a general surgeon.

Julianna - 11

To become a police woman.

Riyah - 10

To become a successful pediatrician.


To be a softball coach.

Leticia H. - 11

To be a teacher, to teach more people.

Ta'shaun - 11

To be in the NFL

Jahsiah - 11

To be a professional NBA player.

Tiara - 12

To be successful.

Logan M. - 12

To be a famous basketball player.

Julian - 12

To be a mechanical engineer.

Jaime - 12

To play basketball for the San Antonio Spurs.

Allanah - 13

To make clothes and become a fashion designer.

Tory - 11

To become a lawyer.

Nevaeh2005 - 13

To get famous.

Flidz - 13

To build a restaurant in Florida

Amanda - 14

To be an Author who travels around the world.

Nina - 14

To be a barber.

Nana - 13

For people to show others how to use manners and kindness.

Jonathan - 16

To become a business lawyer.

Jasmine - 17

To go to college and do dental.

Esmeralda - 16

To become an FBI agent.

Jeriyn - 15

To become a marine biologist.

Pricilla - 12

To start my own business to save wildlife.

IG Kid.Guti - 13

To become a major league baseball player.

Brianna - 11

To help other people that need help.

Cherry - 11

To do my own animations on YouTube.

Gaby - 12

To become an animator for game design.

Jeremiah - 12

To make a misleading video game.

Isa - 11

To become an actor, engineer, veterinarian, and volunteer for events.


To become an NBA player.

Beast Mode - 11

To become an NFL player.

Jasmine - 12

To become a coach for volleyball.

Damien - 13

To improve on my education and sports.

I Phone 10 - 14

To get rich.

Angel - 11

To become an NFL player.

Nevaeh - 14

To become an author.

Seth G. - 15

To become a pilot for the Air Force.

Mia - 15

To join the Army.

Chris P. - 15

To be a professional shot-put and discus thrower.

Azakiah - 16

To travel on humanatarian missions.

Jazzmine - 15

To be able to help others and give back.

IUZ - 15

To become a doctor.

Deyko - 16

To become a pediatrician.

Austin - 15

To become a journalist or photographer.

Molly F. - 16

To become a photo journalist.

A. J. G. - 17

To become a doctor to help diabetics.

Dessy - 17

To have my own hair company.

Carmen - 17

To become a photo journalist.

Krystal - 16

To become an architect.

Nancy - 16

To have a peaceful world.

Jada C. - 16

To become a lawyer in criminal justice.

Juan - 15

To become a pro boxer.

Kamryn - 15

To become a doctor.

Genesus - 16

To become an Art teacher.

KB - 18

To become an anethesiologist and raise a beautiful family in a beautiful home.

Luen R. - 17

To have a happy life with my husband and children.

Jules - 17

To become a teacher for younger kids.

Tye - 15

To actually get sleep.

Amber G. - 16

To become an OB/GYN.


To become a pirate.

Mayra - 16

To become a music major.

Lashka - 18

To understand tech more than I do now.

Jaylene H. - 17

To become an English teacher.

Joseph P. - 15

To become a UFC fighter.

Abby - 16

To become an amazing marine biologist.

Jocelyn - 14

To become a teacher.

Selena L. - 17

To become a doctor.

Ericka - 15

To have my dream job and graduate college with honors.

Angelique - 15

To become a nanny and be me.

Hannah - 15

To be able to travel the world and learn more about different cultures.

Penelope - 14

To become an inventor for new advanced technology.

Alexis - 15

To work in the medical field.

Rene - 15

To spead art throughout San Antonio.

Henry - 16

To be successful.

Amy - 16

To become an obstetrician.

Leticia - 16

To be the first in my family to attend college, and make my parents proud.

Savannah - 16

To become a pre-K teacher.

Lindsey - 14

To become a veterinarian.

Anastasia - 15

To become an engineer.

Alyssa - 16

To pursue a higher degree in medical science.

Yamilett - 16

To become an optometrist.

Emma - 16

To become a CSI detective.

Jessica - 15

To do everything that I was expected to do in life.

Nicole - 17

To cure disease that aren’t yet cured.

Sticky - 15

To become an artist and work on parks and buildings.

Val - 13

To become a veterinarian in the Air Force or to become a singer.

Alexandra - 11

To be a cheerleader.

Leanne/Lee - 11

To become a lawyer.

Tati - 14

To become someone in life.

Matthew L. - 12

To be in the NBA.

Morgan - 15

To become a teacher.

Rena - 12

To be an Art/Teacher.

Zoie - 12

To be a lawyer.

Mercedes M. - 12

To travel around the world/be a judge.

Eva - 12

To complete my task at (being) a midwife.

Peyton - 19

To become Miss Universe and a very famous actress to be able to earn a lot of money and money help people in need.

Ryan - 17

To be a U.S. Airforce Officer.

Arman - 9

To become an engineer.

Danny - 15

To go to medical school.

Madelin M. - 15

To be a writer/journalist.

Serina R. -13

To be a police officer.

Bacon - 13

To be a skater.

Armando - 10

To be a good man.

Diego - 9

To do computer repair.

Laura - 15

To become a psychologist.

Jasmine - 16

To be a famous fashion designer and change the world with my designs.

Tom - 13

To write a book, be a singer, and act.

Chloe - 18

To travel everywhere.

Itzelh - 15

Llegar a ser una diseñadora de videojuegos reconocida.

Christian K. - 14

To be a dentist and open up my own practice.

Jacob -14

To find my dad.

Jennifer - 16

To commission art for a living.

Chollis - 13

To live my life to the fullest by doing the things I love.

Eli - 17

To be a music therapist.

Ian - 8

To be a cop.

Judi - 11

To become a professional percussionist.

John - 9

To be an inventor.

Christian O. - 15

To finish college with as little student debt.

Mackenze S. - 13

To be a neuroscientist or major in psychology.

Megan - 13

To be an NBA or NFL physical therapist.

Jack C. - 15

To be a periodontist.

Annjanique - 13

To go to a great college.

Regan - 13

To go to the Olympics for track or swim.

Michael - 10

To be an engineer.

Anjelica - 16

To help children.

Olivia - 15

To become a doctor and move to Uganda.

Daniella - 7

To be happy & to help others find happiness.

Reanna - 15

To be an amazing architect and travel the world.

Renee - 12

To become an entrepreneur.

Niya - 15

To be a marriage and family counselor or neurosurgeon.

Kenneth A. - 15

To become an anesthesiologist.

Deion - 15

To go to my dream college and have a good career.

Michael - 15

To live someplace tropical and either be a counselor or real estate agent.

Isaac - 15

To be a fashion designer.

Yaya - 15

To be a great musician.

Olive - 16

To own my own coffee shop.

Aurora - 15

To become a collision repair tech.

Garcia - 15

To be an RN.

Tesla - 15

To spoil my baby sis and moma.

April - 16

To be a nurse.

Noelle - 13

To get a degree and prove my dad wrong.

Deadpool - 15

To become a doctor.

Holo Queen Unicorn - 14

To become a video game designer and company owner.

Cobe - 14

To live, start my college career, and get a job.

Evany - 13

To create music.

Addy - 13

To become a photographer.

Ana - 16

To become a nurse.

Jesse - 14

To be successful.

Xavier - 15

To become a civil engineer.

Emi - 14

To get a bachelor’s degree.

Adrian - 13

To become a neurosurgeon.

Matthew - 13

To live through the Military.

Ashley - 18

To become a nurse.

Ivonne - 19

To become a real estate agent.

Shanisty - 18

To become a surgical technician.

Juan - 18

To join the United States Marine Corps.

Minvi - 16

To become a doctor in the Military.

Fabian - 17

To live the best life.

Crystal - 18

To become an EMT.

Ally - 17

To become a pilot.

Tabby - 16

To be a psychiatrist.

Felicia - 17

To give my baby an amazing life.

Katelyn - 15

To become a doctor.

Jasmine - 16

To go to college.

Julian - 17

To graduate and volunteer.

Martha - 17

To be the best mother ever to my son.

Eva - 17

To provide the best life to my son.

Kathleen - 19

To become a doctor.

Alyssa - 17

To become an ultrasound technician.

LeeAnn - 18

To become a dermatologist.

Ciara - 17

To help people with disabilities.

Maria - 16

To join the Military.

Essence - 19

To become a dentist and provide a good life for my son and I.

Leslie - 18

To have a healthy family.

Keytana - 19

To become a doctor.

Jackie - 16

To become a cosmetologist.

Jasmine - 16

To be a veterinarian.

Daysha - 18

To get a job where it will send me and my son around the world.

Sarah - 17

To become an elementary school teacher.

Erin - 17

To be a writer or journalist.

Meghan - 16

To be a doctor

Geneve - 16

To be a professional tattoo artist.

Ronnie - 16

To be a pro boxer or box for the military.

Sebastian - 17

To be a professional boxer and a Pound for Pound champ.

Amber - 16

To finish school and do better for my baby girl.

Destiny - 18

To become a radiologist.

Alexis - 16

To graduate high school.

Elsie - 19

To become a marine biologist.

Avril - 16

To give my son a happy life.

Celeste A. - 18

To become the first to graduate and become a pediatric RN.

Regan H. - 19

To become an RN.

Renee - 20

To finish school.

Olivia - 14

To be successful.

Ali - 15

To be a band director.

Nathan - 15

To work in IT.

Bry - 16

To be a better citizen and volunteer more.

Rya - 15

To work for a big electrical company. (Tesla, Microsoft, Sony, etc.)

Wafa - 16

To work in civil engineering.

Laken - 16

To sing and show others that it’s possible.

Alberto - 15

To become a professional soccer player.

Natalia - 15

To be a biomedical engineer.

Diego - 15

To go into the medical field to become a health surgeon.

KKE -15

To educate people on how to understand math more quickly.

Jair - 14

To help people in need.

Christian - 17

To start a clothing line that stops gender binaries.

Jade - 14

To be a famous actress. I love going on stage and being someone I’m not. I love being able to get out of my comfort zone and being free of myself for a while.

Jasper - 13

To be an animator. I have always loved bringing things to life and making my own stories, characters, worlds, among other things and I can bring them all to life using animation.

Jade - 16

To become a dancer or actor. I have a huge passion for music it’s like every time I hear it I cannot sit still. I love to express my personality through dance because I’m a very timid person but dance allows me to shine through. I also like acting because you can learn how to make different facial expression which also helps a lot with dance because it’s very needed. Acting also gets me out of my comfort zone and into a new environment and it will help boost my voice.

Anna - 13

To become a singer and for everyone to know my name.

Cat- 15

To be a professional violinist or an orchestra teacher.

Erika - 16

To work in makeup.

Anayelly - 14

To be a zoologist.

Erika - 15

To become a surgeon.

Manda - 18

To become a radiologist.

Leslie Ann - 15

To become a veterinarian and travel the world.

Priscila - 15

To be a doctor.

Gabby - 16

To be successful and follow my dreams.

Abby - 16

To become a successful veterinarian.

Darion - 18

To join the Air Force and live in Germany.

Alyssa - 14

To be in volleyball, basketball or be a singer.

Andrea - 16

To work with lions in Africa.

Anna - 16

To become a dentist.

Leidy - 16

To be an architect.

Aylin - 15

To become a well known dancer…I want to be unique!

Emily - 17

To be in a professional mariachi group.

Lauren - 17

To be a physician technician or a stylist.

Keia - 18

To be a registered nurse.

Katie - 17

To save lives.

Marissa - 15

To become a special education teacher.

Tea` - 15

To help spread the word of God.

Yesenia - 16

To be a professional cook.

Angie - 16

To become a designer and own a beauty company.

Aryana - 18

To draw for a living.

Mic - 15

to be a pro basketball player and writer.

Nick - 15

to be first chair tuba.

Snick - 15

To protect those I love and those I wish to help.

Jose A. - 14

to be a coast guard search and reserve pilot.

Lindsey - 15

to be happy.

Moises - 15

to become an engineer.

Kaleb - 14

to join the military.

Citali - 14

to become an architect.

Nicole - 15

to become a lawyer.

Lauren - 14

to become a math teacher.

Caden - 14

to go into aviation.

Jared - 14

to become a SAFD firefighter.

Erik V. -15

to become a robotics engineer.

Enrique L. -15

to help the world become a better place.

Kyle - 14

to become an engineer.

Maddy - 15

to be on the front field of genetic research.

Chris - 15

to become an engineer in the future.

Rissa L. - 14

to get an art related job. Even if I don’t, I hope I’m happy.

Oscar - 14

to make music.

Julia - 14

to have a science career.

Gabi Z. - 15

to become an FBI agent or go into the military.

Roberto R.

to program stuff with a bunch of cool friends.

Nathan - 15

to work in the Army.

Jacob W. - 14

to be a pilot.

Uma - 14

to become involved in cloning or genetic modification (CRISPR).

Kot - 15

to travel to all 7 continents.

Will - 14

to be a scientist.

Lee M. - 15

to be a teacher.

Paulina - 15

to have a good profession.

Jessica - 16

to rescue stray animals.

Uriel - 15

to be a vet.

Alyssa - 15

to go to college.

Amaris - 14

to go into the medical field.

Joseph S. - 14

to be the best saxaphone player in the Lee band.

Abby - 14

to learn as much as I can and to use that knowledge to help others.

Gabbie - 14

to make a lot of money for myself and my future family.

Ali - 15

to become a cardiologist.

Chris - 15

to become a computer programmer.

Demitri - 15

to discover a full body fossil or head fossil of a Titanosaur (has not been found yet).

Tiller - 15

to become a software engineer.

Nate R. - 15

To have my voice heard.

Michaela - 15

to get my books published.

Teach Teach Lu - 15

to become an army ranger and delta force.

Angie - 18

to travel.

Aliyah - 17

To be an optometrist or study psychology.

Inessa - 18

To get a career in Psychology.

Wilton - 17

To start and grow a successful YouTube channel.

Emily G. - 18

To be a dermatologist.

Breizle - 18

To have a family and be successful.

Angus - 18

To have a stable life and to have a family.

Michael - 17

to make the world better and live a happy life.

David - 18

To become a mechanical engineer.

Drake - 18

to be a federal legislator/powerful bureaucrat.

S - 17

To work with kids.

Kaijie - 14

to be successful.

Julian N. - 15

to be able to choose an occupation which is heavy with math or science.

Steam Wolf - 15

To become an engineer.

Vanessa - 14

to be happy with where I am in life.

Toby F. - 15

to go to Notre Dame and major in mathematics/acturial sciences.

Ryu - 15

to become an electrical engineer.

Michael - 15

to become a guitarist and play for people.

Starsteeler - 14

to become an IT manager.

Liv - 14

To be successful and happy.

Noah - 15

To be a sports orthopedic surgeon.

BabyJ - 7

To be a teacher.

Joseph - 10

To be a gamer.

Kaylon - 14

To go to Oklahoma University and major in biomedical engineering.

Thi - 15

To travel the world.

Nihrir - 15

Everyone will have the same rights and that there will be no racism in communities.

Mychael - 14

To become a pediatrician.

Luis - 14

To join the U.S. Marine Corps

Dane - 15

To play college baseball.

William - 14

To become a pharmacist.

Jair - 14

To take care of my health more than I already do.

Paco - 15

To be a professional soccer player.

Jesus - 14

To have a lot of money.

Raylyn - 7

To be a singer.

Ethan - 7

To be a police officer.

Adam - 14

To get a mechanical engineering degree.

Thinh - 15

To become a better trombonist.

Mariam - 14

To get more into photography and journalism.

David - 23

To become a judge.

Araceli - 14

To be a chef.

Alondra - 15

To be able to save lives as a doctor.

Ben - 15

To graduate from MIT and get a degree in either theoretical physics, astronomy, or rocket science

Christian - 23

To graduate and have a family of my own.

Delaney - 14

To become a doctor.

Bella - 11

To be a youtuber and meet Dan and Phil

Aubrey - 8

To become a chef.

Juliana - 15

To go into sports medicine.

Juan - 15

To be happy, rich, and successful

Eli - 15

To be a zoologist.

Sarai - 15

To be a psychologist for soldiers with PTSD.

Monica - 22

To help with mental health.

Maia - 11

To try to achieve the task of making the Earth more peaceful. Along with multitasking with different careers, such as an artist, musician, and dancing. It seems difficult, but I’m sure I can do it.

Daniel M. - 18

To be in a hospital to help others, and save as many lives as I can.

Dom - 13

To become a forensic file scientist.

Christine - 18

To become a lawyer one day.

Maria - 13

To be a police officer and bring more good to my city.

Esther - 12

To be a pediatrician.

Breanna - 18

To go to college, get married, and adopt kids.

Michelle B. - 17

To serve as an inspiration to other people.

Selena - 13

To get more involved in art classes.

Rudy - 18

To go to the military and college.

Ernesto - 12

To be a construction worker.

Joe - 14

To be a professional football player.

Summer - 13

To be a doctor.

Brayden H. - 14

To become a engineer.

Luis R. - 17

To be in the army, SWAT team, or a police because I love to help our people out and serve the country.

Essie R. - 15

To become a nurse.

London - 8

To go to New York and ride on a unicorn.

Tima/Tori - 10

For everyone to recycle and better lunch food!

Jerzi W. - 11

To have my own hair shop.

Kyleenas - 14

To dance.

Isha - 9

To help people with heart disease.

Nia D. - 9

To help people and make joy.

Alejandra - 10

To be a veterinarian.

Ebi - 8

For the people to learn to be kind.

Sonya - 14

To go to Juilliard and study in music.

Dawn - 12

To be able to go to Americas Got Talent…so I can finally show all the people who pushed me down when I was young because everyday at school is and will always be a battle ground…it’s been my dream since I was 6. Also, to bring all the dreams and wishes to the kids that put their heart into them…and to become an awesome lawyer to help the people in need!

Espi - 16

To be a personal trainer or a college basketball coach.

Jay - 16

To be an aircraft engineer for the military.

Yaya - 15

To be a artist in music.

Angelica - 16

To become a successful tattoo artist & be a veterinarian.

Emerie S. - 17

To be successful.

Jeri Ann - 17

A cleaner environment.

Alexis - 18

For the present to be prepared for the future.

Jada - 16

To be a successful journalist.

Kaylon - 14

To get accepted into Oklahoma University.

Esmi - 16

For the youth of SA to know higher education is a realistic possibility.

Divina - 16

To use my education to better my community on a local, national, and global level.

Samuel - 18

To serve the community’s medical needs.

Beth - 17

To become a graphic designer.

Allura - 18

To become a forensic chemist.

Robbie - 16

To go to one of my top 5 colleges/universities.

Ivan - 18

To graduate college with a 4.0 GPA.

Giselle - 15

To empower youth and build a better future for our generation and the next.

Tyrell D. - 16

To become a successful engineer.

Julie - 15

To become a surgeon.

Ruby - 18

To be a medical assistant/cosmetologist.

Renee - 18

To become a professional boxer.

Sarah - 17

To become an elementary school teacher.

Alexis - 16

To become a middle school science teacher.

Dani - 20

To become a writer.

Maria - 14

To do architecture.

Jessica - 14

To become an engineer.

@Kimkorss - 14

To be an orthodontist.

Louie - 14

To be a D.E.A. agent.

Ja'corey - 14

To be an NBA player.

Johanna - 13

To become a registered nurse.

Myeesha - 14

To become a lawyer.

Caro - 14

To become a great, smart student.

Rose - 14

To do cosmetology or cooking.

Vhoopss - 14

To make it in the WNBA and become a trainer.

Nelly - 13

To work with babies.

Jay Jay - 15

To act and dance.

Abi - 13

To be a lawyer, FBI agent, or an undercover cop.

AJ - 13

To do karate.

@Brisaya_love - 14

To be in the FBI.

Elisco-cheo - 16

To be a game designer.

Minerra - 15

To be a rapper.

Izzy - 15

To work for the BAU.

Jaqueline - 15

To work in forensic science.

Quauo - 14

To play sports and be in the NBA.

Lisa - 16

To be a video game designer.

Allison - 15

To make music.

@babyrena._ - 13

To be a nurse.

Joshua- 14

To be an NFL football player.

Laya - 15

To become a doctor.

Lea - 14

To be in the Arts industry.

Saul - 16

To be able to provide for my family and have a happy life.

KD - 14

To be a chef at Crossroads at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

Genn - 14

To be a cosmetologist (make-up & hair).

Santi - 14

To play pro football.

Melissa -15


CJ - 15

I really don’t know but to live a better life than I’m living right now.

Petra - 15

To have a good job as a pediatrician.

Aidan - 14

To be a firefighter.

Adrian - 14

To be an NBA/MLB player.

Mata - 14

To be an animation designer.

Sebastian - 15

To design robotics for prosthetics and connect them to the nervous system.

Jaebe - 15


Gabry - 13

To try and become a detective.

Reina - 16

To graduate high school to get any degree I can in college.

Geo - 14

To be an animation designer.

Ashley - 15

To own my own beauty shop.

Schansetty - 14

To work with animals.

Matthew F. - 16

To become an actor.

Bubby - 15

To do makeup and hair and be a bartender.

Eric - 15

To open my own construction company.

Alazay - 13

For more people to graduate from college.

Ryan - 15

To play basketball in the NBA.

Gaby - 14

To be a professional volleyball player.

Jonathan D. - 14

To be a soccer player.

Mellissa - 15

To sing and act.

Daniel S. - 15

To be an NBA basketball player.

Josh - 15

To become a famous music producer.

Felipe S. - 15

To do pro sports.

Chief - 14

To be on a talk show.

Andres - 15

To be successful in life.

Keyla - 14

To become an actor & baker.

Ashley - 14

To become an actor.

Deyanira - 14

To become a crime investigator.

Angel - 14

To become an NBA player

Juliana - 14

To become a CID: Special Agent.

Jasmine - 14

To be a film director.

Adiran L. - 14

To be an Automotive Engineer.

Lisette H. - 15

To be happy.

Marlen - 14

To be a lawyer, engineer, to make a difference.

Kevin S. - 13

To be an engineer.

Anahi - 14

To be a vet.

Wendell P. - 14

To be an animator, do animations.

Amber - 14

My dream is to become a veterinarian to help animals.

John - 15

To be in the NFL.

A - 15

To become a famous singer and marry Justin Bieber.

Chloe Lynne - 15

Nursing or to help with kids.

Darian - 14

the NBA.

Alondra - 15

To become an engineer.

Audrey G. - 15

Help Animals!

Esperanza - 15

Taking care of elderly people.

Arile - 15

either a volleyball player or cosmetologist.

Daniel G. - 15


Lil Raee - 15

To be a better daughter/mom!

Abelardo - 15

To play soccer at Europe with a professional soccer team.

Stacy - 15

To become a WNBA basketball player.

Lena - 15

To be a makeup artist.

Allison R. - 15

To be a doctor.

MidnightShadow - 16

To be part of a video game, like a game actor.

Ambee - 15

To be the 1st successful person in my family.

Dess - 15

To be a graphic designer.

Angel - 14

To have a Lamborghini.

Beltzibeth M. - 14

To be a pediatrician.

Cinthia Z.A - 13

To study and work.

@Clarissanextdoor - 13

To be an athletic trainer.

Jackson A. - 13

To become a scientist and make the world better.

Mia - 14

To become an actor.

Yassyboo - 13

To be a professional athlete.

Toby - 14

To play for the NBA.

Greg - 14

To be an actor.

Angelina - 14

To go to an ivy league college.

David - 14

To achieve a good future in the medical field.

Efrain C. - 13

To become a mechanic.

Cinthia - 13

To be a professional business woman.

Julie/Rikko - 13

To be a lawyer & fight for the community!

Felix - 12

To play football (at Baylor)…I workout.

Samantha M. - 13

To be successful and live a good life.

Annael - 14

To be a photographer.

Jomar - 14

To become part of a good mariachi group.

Alvaro R. - 13

To go to college and have world peace.

Ben - 14

To do animation (possibly graphic designs).

Alexandra :) - 14

To go to college & stay practicing my instrument.

Kaleb - 13

To work in the medical field or to work with animals.

Natalia - 14

To be an architect.

Serina - 14

To become a marine biologist or to work somewhere in the medical field.

Luis - 14

To be an Engineer.

Marie - 15

To be a veterinarian.

Beba - 15

To be a doctor.

Guillermo V. - 13

To have a soccer career.

Lil-Shawty-tho - 12

To be a cop.

Destiny S. - 15

To finish high school, finish college and become a doctor or a music producer.

Dyamond - 14

To be a veterinarian.

Val - 14

To be a pediatrician.

K - 15

To be a doctor.

Dezzy2PAC - 14

To join the military.

Kayla - 14

To be a firefighter.

J.P. - 15

To play basketball.

Jasmine - 14

To be a photographer.

Gabryanna V. - 14

To travel the world.

Les - 14

To be a vet and volunteer at ASPCA.

Esmee - 16

To be a registered nurse.

Niomem765 - 15

To be a FBI Agent or a writer.

Stormy - 15

To be a dancer and a architect.

Alvaro - 13

Is for racism to stop.

Chris - 14

To be in the NFL.

Leo - 15

To be a CEO of a big company.

Aaliyah M. - 16

To be a pro dirt biker.

Diamond - 14

To be a detective.

Leo - 14

To be in the NBA.

Julian - 15

To be a boss.

Israel - 14

To be a doctor.

Shamoo - 14

To be the top chef in San Antonio.

Alec - 14

To be a Navy Seal.

Gabriel Hot Sauce - 14

To have a pollution free world.

Alex H. - 14

To be working on the motor to a NASCAR.

Alan - 14

To make NFL history.

Roland - 14

To be in the NBA winning the three point contest.

Angel - 14

To be the boss of construction.

Giselle S. - 14

To be an FBI agent.

Natalie G. - 15

To be a vet.

Julie G. - 14

To become a cardiovascular surgeon.

Lucero M. - 14

To be a nurse.

Andres - 15

To become a professional soccer player.

Samuel S. - 14

To become a surgeon.

Syerra - 14

To become a professional basketball player.

Zavier H. - 14

To be an astronomer and study beyond the stars.

Aaliyah - 15

To become a photographer and edit videos, etc.

Jose M. - 14

To be a cartoon maker.

IrisMarie F. - 15

To get my degree.

Mia - 10

To be a chef and own my own restaurant.

Mariah - 10

For people to stop killing animals.

Maria H. - 10

To dance & sing for everybody to make them happy.

Mary A - 11

To be a guide dog trainer to help injured soldiers and blind people.

Yeti - 7

To be a Robotics Engineer! I like to build robots.


To become a role model for kids who have no one else to lookup to. For kids who grew up in negative situations and need another person to help them heal.

Michael - 15

To become successful in a career that I find enjoyable and fulfilling. I am not sure exactly what of course, but I want to help people and make things people enjoy.

Olivia - 17

To become a lawyer and make the world a better place.

Roman - 17

To major in Government and get into law school.

Ariel A. - 16

To be an advocate for global warming and take steps for creating a more peaceful world.

Karina - 14

To do something that is beneficial to myself and others.

Luz - 17

To make San Antonio teens have a voice

Jayce - 17

To become a vet assistant.

Diana D. - 17

To become a foreign diplomat or national policy maker.

Nana - 16

To work for 98.5 the beat.

Lauren - 15

To make it in to creating animation and film.

Gisele - 12

To be a marine biologist.

Mariah - 12

To go back home!

Neve - 12

To make the world a better place 🙂

Juliana - 12

To be an artist.

Nicky - 14

To be a video game designer.

Zion - 16

To be successful.

Ale - 16

To be a designer.

Kaleigh - 15

To encourage more kids to engage in fine arts.

Katelyn - 14

To be a Journalist at Pratt University.

Larry P. - 16

To be the best in animation industry and being a director and actor.

Bailey - 16

To be a Japanese to English translator.

Abi - 16

To be a university band director.

Chekka - 16

For people to know that they are capable to change themselves, others, and the future.

Sophia - 17

To go to college, be successful, and live a happy life.

Briana - 15

To be happy with whatever I end up doing. #Artist

Elizabeth - 15

To be a professional Barrel Racer.